The Alchemist & Budgie - The Good Book Vol. 2 (2017)

«The Good Book Vol. 2» — второе издание совместного проекта двух американских продюсеров The Alchemist & Budgie, изданный дизайнерским лейблом Business As Usual (BAUEWYK). Для записи были приглашены различные хип-хоп артисты, такие как Mobb Deep, Royce 5′ 9, Westside Gunn & Conway, Mach Hommy, Meyhem Lauren, Durag Dynasty, Big Twins, Action Bronson, Big Body Bes, Your Old Droog, Evidence, Oliver The 2nd, Jeremiah Jae, Buddy, Emmavie, Chris O’Bannon, Jay Worthy, Traffic, Dreebo, Sulaiman, Nyku, Remy Banks, Chuck Inglish, Nasty Nigel, Joyce Wrice и Fatima.

Список песен

Chapter One — God’s Work (The Alchemist)

01. Morning Prayer (Intro)
02. Looking for a Blessing
03. Pray for You feat. Royce da 5’9″
04. On a Solid Rock
05. A Thousand Birds feat. Conway & Westside Gunn
06. Church Organ Needs Maintenance
07. Floor Seats feat. Mach Hommy
08. No Mystery God feat. Meyhem Lauren
09. You Better Listen
10. Message for the People feat. Durag Dynasty
11. Try My Hand
12. Crisis
13. Find a Way feat. Big Twins
14. Forgive Me
15. God Loves You
16. Brother Jedidiah feat. Big Body Bes & Action Bronson
17. Something You Can’t Buy
18. Stuck in a Box feat. Oliver The 2nd & Jeremiah Jae
19. Storm Coming
20. Troubles feat. Your Old Droog
21. Forever
22. Ascention (Outro)

Chapter Two — Chuuch Preach Tabernacle (Budgie)

01. You Can Do It
02. In-N-Out feat. Emmavie, Chris O’Bannon & Buddy
03. Elevator to Heaven
04. Recess feat. Joyce Wrice
05. Hope & Despair
06. Complete Undivided Crucifixion
07. CPT feat. Jay Worthy & Buddy
08. Ride for Me feat. Dreebo & Traffic
09. Bel Air Baptism
10. The More I Know the More I Miss
11. By My Side feat. Evidence
12. Word of God feat. Sulaiman
13. Salvation
14. Nyku Contemplating
15. My Life feat. Remy Banks
16. Elevator to Heaven (Reprise) feat. Chuck Inglish
17. God’s Perfect 10
18. Just Chuuuch Friends
19. Glory feat. Nasty Nigel
20. Faith vs. Fantasy
21. Best Believe feat. Fatima
22. Someone to Understand
23. Take It Easy with the Lord feat. Joyce Wrice

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The Alchemist & Budgie — The Good Book Vol. 2 (2017)

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